Saint Thomas Hospital

We wanted to build a more
advanced hospital.
So we did.

Welcome to St Thomas Hospital, Malta’s newest and most vibrant hospital. As one of the largest multi-disciplinary private hospitals in the Maltese Islands, we aim to deliver a different healthcare experience, based on excellence in medical care, comfort, safety and rapid medical services. We constantly strive to invest in cutting edge medical technology and processes in order to attract leading doctors and surgeons from the NHS who are renowned in their field.

As a private institution we understand that our patients do not only perceive outstanding care as the product of technology and first class doctors; the patient experience during the delivery of care is equally important. We commit ourselves to treating our patients with the utmost respect, courtesy, kindness and professionalism while receiving treatment.

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Why choose
Saint Thomas Hospital?

Clinical excellence

We worry about engaging surgeons and physicians who are masters in their discipline so that you don’t have to.


St Thomas is only equipped with blue chip medical equipment and follows international standards for medical safety


Painstakingly designed to eliminate or reduce the clinical feel of hospitals St Thomas offers an unparalleled experience with your wellbeing at heart.

You don’t want to miss a thing
And neither do we.

At Saint Thomas Hospital, we use incredibly precise screening technology to catch diseases earlier.

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Diagnostics & Imaging

Saint Thomas Hospital’s imaging department offers a wide range of diagnostic and interventional imaging services including digital X-ray, CT scanning, digital Fluoroscopy, digital Mammography and multidisciplinary ultrasound.

Impeccable quality

The radiology department was custom designed to offer the best possible imaging service by employing cutting-edge direct digital equipment. Images are digitally acquired, transferred, reported and stored, with no loss in image quality along the way.

Low dose

The state of the art radiology equipment available at Saint Thomas Hospital is particularly focused on producing images of exceptional image quality, at very low X-ray doses to safeguard your health.

Expert advice

All imaging services at Saint Thomas Hospital are reported by specialist consultant radiologists who work in the NHS bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Technologists and radiographers are certified and are subspecialists in their field of expertise.


CT scanning
Interventional fluoroscopy

Our hospital
is big on hospitality

Saint Thomas Hospital
was designed for your wellbeing

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The three brand new operating theatres at St Thomas Hospital have been built to the highest specifications and standards in the industry and are equipped to undertake a variety of surgeries both simple and complex. Each theatre has been outfitted with cutting edge surgical equipment and technology providing surgeons with the best tools for open, orthopaedic and laparoscopic keyhole surgeries.


Surgical procedures conducted at St Thomas are conducted with gold standard equipment and processes, by surgeons who love new and minimally invasive procedures.


Engineered to very high safety standards, St Thomas Hospital’s large operating theatres are outfitted with an extensive list of surgical safety equipment and processes giving surgeons and patients alike peace of mind. Nothing is left to chance.

Fast service

Be it for minor day surgery or a major in-patient case we can guarantee fast and high quality treatment within days or immediate urgent treatment.

Surgical Specialities

Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery
General surgery
Orthopaedic surgery
Pain management
Bariatric Surgery
Urology Surgery
Minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

At Saint Thomas Hospital Our
rooms are made for families

Saint Thomas Hospital
was designed for your wellbeing

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